Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Riding the Rails on the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad

The Rio Grande Railroad out of the college town of Alamosa in southern Colorado offers a summer concert series that's great fun and makes for a memorable weekend retreat .  
Once up on the mountain at Fir railroad riding guests will find food like grilled bratwurst and burgers with all the fixins available under a sheltered picnic area while music awaits at the nearby sound stage.
Visiting the mountains of Colorado means preparing for rain and then not getting any while enjoying the high country scenery.

Juice Newton entertained a crowd of fans with her hits during this concert in early August 2014. Michael Martin Murphy is a regular performer here too. 

There's always some drama to be found while riding on the railroad like this rock slide jammed up against the train. Crews disconnected the rear cars. moved everyone up front and continued up the mountain. While guests enjoyed the concert, crews moved the rocks out of the way, reattached the cars and got the show back on the road. 
Engines moving the railway cars around to prepare for the trip back down to Alamosa, Co.

Katie Diven enjoys the view from the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad's Dome Car as the pass through the San Luis Valley while her husband, freelance railroad magazine writer and photographer, Bill Diven chats with another passenger.
The railroad depot in Alamosa Co. is a beautiful building built at the turn of the century. 
Enjoying the sights while road tripping through the wide expanses of southern Colorado produces great moments such as discovering this wonderfully preserved 1959 Ford Thunderbird parked at a roadside flea market in Blanca, Co.

The Rio Grande flows south through the San Luis Valley before crossing into New Mexico near the town of Costilla. This was the view of the river looking north from a bridge on St. Rd. 142 between San Luis and Manassa.
The Rio Grande as is flows south into New Mexico as seen from the bridge on St. Rd. 142 between San Luis and Manassa.