Monday, October 6, 2014

Jackson Guard Station Makes for Stunning Fall Vacation in Southern Colorado

The US Forest Service's Jackson Guard Station rental cabin at Silver Jack Reservoir in the National Forest between Gunnison and Montrose in early October 2014.  

Nearby Silver Jack Reservoir.
The cabin at Jackson Guard Station features a wood stove and propane powered refrigerator, stove and a single light. Visitors need to bring water, supplemental lighting and bedding.   
A trail behind the cabin leads into the woods at the base of nearby cliffs.
The cabin's kitchen is well equipped and  visitors will need to turn on the gas behind the stove to fire it up along with the fridge and light. Visitors are urged to bring several additional  battery powered lanterns, flashlights and head beams to help illuminate the fairly dark interior of the cabin.
The local scenery around the cabin prompts frequent hikes. 
The cabin features two bedrooms with bunk beds in the rear room and two stand alone units in the front. An inflatable camping mat laid atop the mattress improved its comfort considerably.  
The US Forest Service's nearby Silver Jack campground provides access to water and even more incredible scenery. 
The outhouse is located behind the cabin as is a well stocked wood shed and another building awaiting restoration.
Nearby Rowdy Lake offered more great scenery and the possibility of of some good fishing.
Visitors to the cabin will find plenty to do in the area including a highly recommended visit to Black Canyon  and a drive down to the river. 
Cooking while staying at the cabin was made all that much easier due to the presence of refrigerator and stove. Visitors will need to bring plenty of additional battery powered lighting to thoroughly enjoy evenings inside the fairly dark cabin.
As expected during fall in the mountains of southern Colorado snow and rain can roll in without a moment's notice.

There was plenty of firewood on the cabin's porch to keep the wood stove fed but after a few days it ran out requiring replenishment from the wood shed so there'd be plenty for the next guests. Photo by Wren Propp.   
Jackson Guard Station provided solitude, recreation and scenery and is highly recommended for those to seeking to recharge their batteries in a very comfortable setting. 
Heading home through Gunnison's requires a stop at the W Cafe on Main St. where a great breakfast  can be had including corned beef hash and eggs with crispy hash browns smothered in a great green chile sauce. The stuffed hash browns feature sautéed diced ham, green & red peppers and onions served over hash browns with cheddar cheese. This is an old school diner where they do it right and it's worth every penny spent.
Back in New Mexico where a classics like this was seen at the Mesa Diner in Ojo Caliente off US 285.